September 9, 2014

TUTORIAL for: VAMPS LIVE 2014 Digital Photo Collection.

Hi all! 
Fans and friends asked help to buy the "VAMPS LIVE 2014 Digital Photo Collection", so I made up this kind of tutorial. It's EASIER than you think and it cost just a couple of coffee. So, don't be scared just because it's all in Japanese, I'll show you step by step! :) If by the end of this you still have questions, don't hesitate to ask down here or HERE ok?

1) Click on the link here:

2) There click on the RED button/link. (the yellow is only a preview of 7 pages)

3a) With a mobile/tablet you'll find the image above, so scroll down to the page and next to "Vamps Live 2014", click on the BLUE button. 

3b) with a PC it's the same, scroll down and click on the BLUE button.

Now you have to register to the site. Mail, password and easy things like that.

4) Click on the RED button.

5) Write your email (they will send a confirmation number, so use one that you have access to!) and then click on the GREEN button.

6) Search for the 4 code NUMBER in your email

7) Type/past the number in the first blanket
►Pick a nickname (less then 16 characters)
►Then you see your mail
►Type your password (pick one) in the first of the two blanket and re-type it just below. 
►In the hint for the password pick one randomly from the drop-down menu (NOT the first!), and type below an EASY name that you'll remember (example the name of your fish, cat, etc...) less than 15 characters!
►Write your name/surname.
►Your birthday: Year, Month, Day.
►Click on male or female.
►The next the city where you live, again PICK ONE from the drop-down menu (not the first!)
►These 2 are for offerings and newsletter. I suggest to turn them down by clicking on the SECOND option on both.

8) Scroll down, click on the circle that confirm that you read and accept all their rules, and then click on the GREEN button.

9) It SHOULD be all ok, so in the next page you'll see all your info in Japanese, click again on the GREEN button. (if not, and you see a red message, turn back clicking the grey button at the end of the page!)
Sign up done!

10) The page will be automatically back on Vamps collection, click on the BLUE button that will turn GREY, click on it again.

11) The item is in your wishlist, click on the RED button to add it to the basket.

11) Click on the FIRST of the two RED button.

12) click on the last of the 2 button (it should be blue or red again)

13) here you'll find what you have 500 point (not sure about this), scroll down to click on the GREY button.

14) It's already selected "Visa/Mastercard/Maestro..." so NO NEED to change it.
Scroll down and click on the GREY button.
There you will need to type your credit card number as well as the expiration date and click on the button on the RIGHT.

15) Click on the BLUE line where it says "app store" (or Android, or Windows Phone. I have apple but with android and Windows phone I'm almost sure it's the same!). You will need to download their app to see the photos, it's 100% free, as you can see:

The photo above is the view if you're downloading with a computer (I guess it's the same there too!) You have to click on the RED button and install it.

DONE? Good.
Now you have to download the photobook you just bought INSIDE the app to see it.
16) BACK to internet where you were before:
Click on the FIRST of the two RED button, if the app is downloaded correctly it will open automatically.

17) When you open it, you'll find 2 pages with their rules and explanations, so just scroll down and click on the GREEN button for 2 times. Then the app is done and you'll see something like this:

18) You have to click exactly on the (1) in the image above and then confirm clicking on the right (2)

19) Now you have to Log-in with the same mail/password that you used to buy the collection.
The page will change and they will ask you to confirm, so click TWO times on the "OK" in the messages.

20) After that click on the BLUE sign on the TOP RIGHT.

21) now download the photobook:
click on the top right again (1)
Click on the (2) and it will become green, then you'll see the collection there, click on it (3).

22) click on DOWNLOAD (the middle one)
and wait a minute or two for it to download:

LAST ONE! Click back on your devices and you will see that (1) that means you have downloaded 1 thing. Click on the album to watch it!

ENJOY!!! :)

So, it wasn't so difficult, was it? *laugh*
If there's anything you don't understand, just tell me. (use the number, send me a screen, whatever!)

I really hope this was useful!!
Thanks to everyone who read it! :)


August 23, 2013

[Report!] HYDE's Surprise Appearance in the Second Floor Guest Seating at 6th Day of VAMPS ZEPP OSAKA!

It was the eighteenth concert of VAMPS' siege-like tour, VAMPS LIVE 2013. After completing seven days of concerts at ZEPP DIVERCITY TOKYO and five days of concerts at ZEPP NAGOYA, VAMPS unleashed their power on ZEPP OSAKA. In a prior interview, HYDE said about the tour, "As VAMPS does lots of concerts, I think we'll start to reach a point of perfection," and just as he predicted, their sense of precision only increased with each concert. On July 26, their sixth performance at ZEPP OSAKA, VAMPS rushed into a frenzied party.

The earnest anticipation of this concert resembled both a faint premonition and a prayer. The moment those expectations were brought to fruition was a catharsis that is impossible to describe. This catharsis happened over and over throughout the concert, but the highlight of the concert was when VAMPS reached their seventeenth song, "HUNTING," during the final portion of the concert.

Ju-ken said, "I've talked a lot, so now I'm hungry! Let's go hunting!"

The reverberations from the end of "MEMORIES" suddenly came to an end. The one who had spoken the promise-like words informing the audience that the next song would be "HUNTING" had not been HYDE but Ju-ken. HYDE was nowhere to be seen. The gaze of the audience turned toward the second floor as it suddenly erupted in excited noise, a mixture of exclamations of, "No way!" "What?" and "Really?" The sound of K.A.Z's guitar fanned the flames of excitement as the carefree, dynamic tune began. What was only one minute felt like an eternity before the door on the right side of the second floor suddenly opened.

And what was revealed from behind the door was HYDE.

The air, which had been filled with impatience, was in one moment bathed in excitement. More than a pleasant surprise, it felt closer to a moment of bliss when one's prayers have been answered. HYDE triumphantly played guitar while bending over the barrier to appeal to the first floor as well. Making no pretense of remaining in their seats, guests stood up in a flood and surrounded HYDE in an instant. It is perhaps the result of the feelings of friendship between VAMPS fans that there were no injuries nor any noticeable chaos. Whatever the reason, it was a good thing. This moment when HYDE moved past the barriers of a "stage" to stand so close to the audience was undoubtedly an indescribably happy time for fans.

With their six-concert siege of ZEPP NAMBA, VAMPS had reached the turning point of their tour VAMPS LIVE 2013. To call the eighteenth concert the "turning point" is in itself amazing, but VAMPS will be holding ten more of these magnificent concerts. Their extraordinary stamina and power are worthy once more of admiration. VAMPS began the concert with the song "KYUKETSU-SATSUGAI VAMPS Ver.-" It is perhaps a simplistic explanation, but perhaps this is because "Kyuketsu" means "sucking blood," a concept relating to their band name, "VAMPS."

In a flash, they played "MADE IN HEAVEN" and "VAMP ADDICTION," shifting more to an assault-based attitude, but they would not continue to be aggressive from beginning to end. They daringly stirred the crowd into wild excitement with "RUMBLE," a song with a prominent rockabilly taste, continuing with "GET UP," a total change of pace which brightened the atmosphere of the venue. The daring groove with an ever-changing tempo was like the pleasant feeling that accompanies opening a locked room, like surrendering oneself to a roller coaster with a course course you cannot predict.

"What are you all doing? There are so many people wearing swimsuits. Are you trying to tempt me? I'm angry!"

HYDE stirred up the audience by speaking in "gal language," a sociolect spoken by some Tokyo female teens. Following HYDE's words, there was an immediate return chorus of "gal language" from the audience. The speed of the response from the audience was surprising every time, and perhaps it is something about Osaka specifically, but the response from the audience in Osaka seemed especially quick.

"It's fine if you're in swimsuits, but I want to see your true character. People say that Osaka is great. But don't you want to be the best? We can do a good concert, but shouldn't it be the best? Whether it will be the best is dependent on you."

The audience roared with cheers, undaunted by HYDE's provocation. VAMPS drove forward with "AHEAD" and "ANGEL TRIP," and directly after the audience burst into dance during "TROUBLE," the rushed into "COUNTDOWN," the song selection feeling like a roller coaster ride. Their unwillingness to do things in an ordinary way was an indication of their veteran status.

(Credit to for the note and the photo. Click on the photo to see them bigger!♥)

August 3, 2013

[Interview] VAMPS on New Single, Zepp Tour, Oversea Shows, and Best Album vol.2

VAMPS had a very unique way kicking off a tour for 2013 <VAMPS LIVE 2013>, by taking over ZEPP venues nationwide and putting themselves in ‘rock-n-roll all night’ confinement. With a crazy start of the tour, BARKS received a new double A side single「ⒶHEAD/REPLAY」from VAMPS. The new single comes with two songs that are completely different styles by HYDE and K.A.Z, like the opposite magnetic poles. BARKS interviewed them on the very day of the single release, July 3, asking them about the songs. VAMPS also plans to release an English version of their best album in addition to the overseas tour dates finalized.

This is the second half of the interview. You can read the first part HERE

- VAMPS Photo

■Hoping fans from overseas like it──HYDE
■They’ve reached ‘a quality’ as of today──K.A.Z

──Not to mention it doesn’t necessarily apply to these two songs alone. As we watched your live show, we thought your sound was so much better, like it was powerful and yet each sound was so clear and standing out. 

K.A.Z:Almost all of the band instruments are new this time. We had some problems or tasks we wanted to clear last year, we took care of that by changing instruments. 

──That acrylic board set up in front of ARIMATSU and JIN, that was pretty impressive. Is that to separate their sounds? 

HYDE:To project sound better. It blocks noise going to the microphones with it, that helps good sound getting out. I couldn’t have done this before. I used to like sing with “loud and crazy sounds together, otherwise I won’t sing!” (laugh). 

──Like it has to be loud for you to get hyper. 

Yup (laugh). Now that’s 

──In that aspect, you were definitely aware of creating audio sound. 

HYDE:I was trying from before, but this time I wanted to be serious about it. If it does’t work, I just won’t do it again. That’s how I did it. 

──The stage setting was very stylish. 

HYDE:Yes, like higher quality added to the previous stage setting. We did all the tricks with elaborate decorations and stuff already, so pursuing quality is much more refreshing. Maybe the use of acrylic board and things left a different impression. 

──Does that affect your performance? 

K.A.Z:I absolutely worry that members hitting the acrylic board (laugh). A person with the name spell starting J, for example, could hit the board anytime and that’s dangerous…

HYDE:Have you seen a bird slamming himself on a glassdoor because he couldn’t see it..(laugh) 

K.A.Z:That is so not cool if he did that in a concert..(laugh). Like I worry more about the live becoming a comedy act than him getting injured! 

──You finished four concerts so far. How do you feel about that? 

K.A.Z:Only 4 concerts? I thought we’ve done more. 

HYDE:We just started, so there is much to think about and I don’t feel it is all good to go yet. It’s all good, of course, but feels like there is so much we have to do and can’t catch up. Normally there are bands who would think, four concerts and we are done! but VAMPS needs more runs. Then we finally get to finish something. Four isn’t even close to that. But maybe ten shows would be too much to settle with.. (laugh). 

──Hard to balance there, right? 

HYDE:So we are nervous in a good way for now. 

──You have 10DAYS at ZEPP TOKYO just announced. We look forward to VAMPS evolution. 

K.A.Z:We’ve reached ‘a quality’ at this point. The question is to keep it and do it over to build up. And take it all to the live performances. With sound effect and all, we continue to try new things. 

──In the fall, you will release a best album, re-recorded in English for international audience, plus you have world tour coming up. 

HYDE:We hope to bring with us, the best of what we will have accomplished through local concerts. 

──Are you exporting VAMPS almost? 

HYDE:Uh- Yeah. We are proud of the product (laugh). I hope fans from overseas like it. Previously when touring worldwide, we performed with works that were made for Japanese market. This time we are bringing songs we’ve customized for international market. Hopefully it will make a difference. 

──Your official Facebook started. It looks like the world is coming close to you. Do you feel that way also? 

HYDE:We were really hectic since moving to a new label so we had no time to feel how we were doing. I want to believe we’ve done the best we could so far. Fans may not give us the full approval yet (laugh). We’ve been working hard seriously, like no one else in Japan works that much, so I am excited about the outcome. 

K.A.Z:We won’t know what it’s like unless we get there anyway. You know real world takes experience, not like the internet world where you can just see everything. We absolutely appreciate and get excited to receive comments and likes on Facebook, but we cannot always experience all of that. We are very excited about the concert in overseas in that aspect. 

Credit to Barks English site! Interview・Text◎Yuko Honma Photo◎Kazuko Tanaka

[Interview] VAMPS on New Single, Zepp Tour, Oversea Shows, and Best Album vol.1

■「ⒶHEAD」is just a result of mastership(laugh)──HYDE 

■Both tracks on CD sound pretty close to live performance──K.A.Z 

──Songs were boldly done proving new potential for VAMPS. HYDE and K.A.Z have specific roles and each personality shines through the two tracks vividly. 

HYDE:Maybe I did too much though (laugh). I was hoping to write a song like ‘REPLAY’ first, but I can’t use DTM (laugh), I’m so analog. I had to leave that to K.A.Z. 

K.A.Z:I believe we will have more songs like these, showing our different musical personalities. But then, it is always subject to change. We may have a complete shocking song with different concept or image. We are so free to do that. 

──Were these two songs sort of your turning point? 

K.A.Z:I’d say yes. But I feel that way every song I write. Whether it is a single or album, there is always a discovery. 

──That means you always write with a new approach? 

K.A.Z:What is ‘approach’, you know (laugh). It depends. Is it a feeling? sense? I haven’t been able to analyze that much detail. The most important thing in writing a song is that there is this one stanza or phrase that sparkles whether it is with bass or drums. If there is raw material, then start with that. 

──Can you tell us where that sparkle is, for example in your song ‘REPLAY’? 

K.A.Z:The very opening. 

──We heard HYDE worked down to the last minute arranging the recording for「ⒶHEAD」. 

HYDE:Yes. That’s been my style for the last several years. 「ⒶHEAD」isn’t an exception. But I may have less flexibility in mind. I pursue too much perfection like, “It has to be like this!”. I was more flexible before. I enjoyed what was made naturally and “as is”. That isn’t the case now that I care about every second of the song. 

──Like you wrote this within so-and-so minutes total? 

HYDE:Yeah. Like this song can’t go over 6 minutes, that is acceptable but I care about 10 seconds. I guess that’s how I learn and progress, so that’s fine. Then again I feel micromanaging too much sometimes. Other times I know I am this way because our old songs were just so long. Maybe this is just what workmanship is about, “should be like this or that!”. But I try to remember that flexibility and freedom I used to have in youth. That’s precious. 

──「ⒶHEAD」burst out of that workmanship…

HYDE:Just as a result of mastership(laugh). 


HYDE:This is a song written with our passion from early days and the art of mastership. 

──The two songs were already performed on a tour. Was there any discovery while performing them? 

HYDE:People seem to these songs, more than I expected. It’s really fun to see. 

──Is it technically hard to play? 

HYDE:A little (laugh). The powerful vocal is the main in「ⒶHEAD」. I sing while playing the guitar, and the guitar needs focus while playing. So balancing the two is hard. The guitar phrases are very detailed. 

K.A.Z:I was doing the video check for our live. I felt these two songs had a similar sound like performances were pretty similar to recordings already on CD. Both tracks on CD sound pretty close to live performance. I didn’t see that in other songs before. 

──Did you not intend to do that? 

K.A.Z:I don’t think I did but I may have done it without knowing. Recording work gets annul and detailed in building it. When performing on a show, you always have a bit of change here there. But it was comfortable performing.. 

──Your ability must have improved! 

HYDE:Get out of here! 

K.A.Z:Did we suck before? (laugh) 

──No, no! Meant to say, “getting even better than before”. 

K.A.Z:Perhaps each of our sound has been getting more established. 

This was just the first half of the interview! Keep an eye out for the second half right here on VAMPSOUND!!

October 31, 2012



Halloween project by VAMPS (HYDE) "HALLOWEEN PARTY" comes out on CD. Includes a bonus DVD with a music video of the song and a booklet. Participating artists: HYDE (VAMPS), Acid Black Cherry, DAIGO (BREAKERZ), kyo (D'ERLANGER), Tommy february6, Tommy heavenly6, Tatsuro (MUCC), Anna Tsuchiya, Ryuji Aoki, K.A.Z (VAMPS), Hitsugi (Nightmare), Aki (SID), RINA (SCANDAL), Kanon Wakeshima.


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